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Статус серверов fallout 76

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10 марта 2020

Разработчики Fallout 76 ответили на запрос Polygon по поводу багов, появившихся в игре после 14-го обновления и подписки Fallout 1st. Bethesda частично признала проблемы, но не объяснила их причины.

На данный момент главный приоритет разработчиков — ящики для разборки, сжирающие предметы, и непредусмотренная возможность войти на частный сервер товарища без приглашения. Однако Bethesda сообщила, что якобы "б/у"-миры с уже собранным лутом из контейнеров — лишь особенность игры. Она запоминает, когда игрок вскрыл и обчистил контейнер, и закрепляет это состояние среди всех серверов Fallout 76 на некоторое время.

Bethesda анонсировала платную подписку для Fallout 76

Разработчики не уточнили, когда будет решена проблема вылетов из-за палатки для выживания. Она и ящики для разборки — часть подписки Fallout 1st.

Is Fallout 76 down for maintenance? That’s the big question on all fan’s lips right now. The servers certainly don’t seem to be working, so what is the Fallout 76 Server Status? Are the Bethesda servers down?

You may have received a message saying the "Fallout 76 Servers Aren’t Responding" or "Fallout 76 Disconnected From Server" if you’ve been trying to play the game today. So, is the game down for maintenance? And if so, why? We’ve got the answers below.

Fallout 76 Maintenance – Is Fallout 76 Down?

The short answer is: yes, the Fallout 76 servers will be down for maintenance. Bethesda actually announced the maintenance today on the official Fallout 76 forum, but you may have missed it.

"We’re planning to bring Fallout 76 offline for all platforms at 10:00 a.m. ET tomorrow, December 10 to perform maintenance and apply updates. During this time, you will be unable to log into or play Fallout 76." The reason for the maintenance is the arrival of Update 16.

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For the latest word on Fallout 76’s updates, Bethesda’s official website has got you covered, though we must recommend keeping an eye on the official Twitter page as well, as that’s where you’ll get updates the fastest.

As for now, sit tight and be ready to return to the West Virginia wasteland.

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See if Fallout 76 is down or having service issues today

  • Servers down – 50 %
  • Game crashes – 50 %

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    Loves. Want your Mire camp featured? Please send your builds to my mate @DTDGaming #Fallout76

    @BethesdaSupport does #Fallout76 support cross play between Xbox and pc?

    Please, please fix the electrician possum badge starting up a power plant mission. #Fallout76

    You guys down for some #fallout76 this week?

    @BethesdaStudios why can’t I attempt Mischief Night without #Fallout76 crashing on Xbox one?

    And they say Fallout76 is a bad game.

    @BethesdaSupport Fallout76 public servers have been extremely slow in loading, freezing and crashing past 12 hours. I’m in AUS

    Sorry #Bethesda but #Fallout76 isn’t working out but #TheOuterWorlds is kicking ass!

    #Fallout76 update today PS4 now it Will not let me access it

    Anyone having a problem signing in on #fallout76

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    Super fucking annoying when you wanna play #Fallout76 and of course it’s down. Again.

    jesus is king never ever so I’m having fun watching all those people seething at the FO76 subreddit instead lmao

    does even anyone cares about anymore, when #outerworlds is ALL what #Fallout76 should have been?? @BethesdaStudios

    Jesus Christ so tired of hearing about the total fuck up of #fallout76 . Can’t wait to play #outerworlds

    I stopped playing #FO76 months ago but Bethesda has officially lost their God damn mind. What the fuck

    Games get delayed. Stop being a cry baby. You want another ANTHEM? you want another F76? I didn’t think so binch

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