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10 марта 2020

Installing SQL Server has been paining me for hours. I can’t get anything to work. I setup a VM with a fresh Windows Server 2016 install and tried to install SQL Server Express. I set the user to Network Service as suggested here. Unfortunately I got a message saying "Wait on the Database Engine recovery handle failed. " The error log suggested error code 0x851A001A (which I had gotten before, hence the user change). I’ve spent a long time trying to install this on various Virtual Machines and just can’t seem to get it. I’ve attached the install log and the error log from when I tried to run it manually.

Install Log:

Error Log:

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Reinstall a SQL server instance. When it asks you to supply an instance name, use something unique that you haven’t already used (MSSQLSERVER99.) Make the Instance ID the same.

You must be victim of uninstalling and reinstalling. The network service user is giving you permissions trouble. It happens after uninstalling MSSQL server.

I am getting a sporadic message in my sql server logs about frozen I/O on all databases. Then about 4 seconds later, I/O resumes, and all the databases get backed up, and a dbcc checkdb is run. Why is this happening?

I have verified that our Symantec backup does not run at this time, nor does my scheduled SQL backup routine. The Symantec backup does take a snapshot prior to the scheduled backup process, but doesn’t take snapshots throughout the day.

This particular server does not have a lot of users, it has an SSRS database and runs several SSIS/SSAS jobs.

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не знаю в чем проблема, в гугле не нашел ответа

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Failed to obtain the local Windows Server Failover Clustering (WSFC) handle (Error code 1753). The WSFC service may not be running or may not be accessible in its current state. For information about this error code, see "System Error Codes" in the Windows Development documentation.

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